Boris and the Dark Survival's creepy new update is out now

Boris and the Dark Survival’s first big update has arrived to spook and scare your mobile device. Some of the fresh content includes an all-new story to explore. 

It’s said to be full of mystery as you continue your adventure into the game’s world of inky goodness. There will also be darker, scarier levels for you to explore. This includes new locations filled with neat things to discover. 

Having new locations is huge and should add some extra intensity as you explore your unfamiliar surroundings. 

Sure, an element of the unknown is perhaps to be expected from a horror game, but it doesn’t make it any less neat in this dark universe. Something – anything – could pop out at you as you interact with items or eat food to refuel.

Not only are there never-before-seen levels for you to check out, but there are also new enemies skulking the halls. Yup, sorry Boris, now you have double the trouble to worry about. 

Thankfully, it sounds like your efforts will be handsomely rewarded, as these new locations have more surprises and discoveries for you to dive into. So go on, have at it, like the winner that you are, and don’t let that mean, old Ink Demon get to you.

If you’re yet to delve into its creature-filled world, Boris and the Dark Survival is available on both Google Play and the App Store for $0.99. 

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