Brawlhalla introduces Adventure Time’s Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum

During Ubsoft’s E3 conference, we found out that Adventure Time’s Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, and Princess Bubblegum will be the latest playable fighters in Blue Mammoth Games’ Brawlhalla. This comes about thanks to a big crossover event with the hugely popular Cartoon Network series.

The brief trailer gives us a quick glimpse of each fighter’s moves and combat styles. They join an already impressive roster of recognisable characters from several earlier crossovers, including Hellboy and Rayman.

As part of the update, we’ll also be getting a new team-based mode called Buddy and a new arena called Tree Fort.

The free-to-play brawler obviously draws a whole lot of inspiration from Nintendo’s Smash Bros series, though it’s gradually managed to distance itself thanks to its art style and the aforementioned crossovers with popular shows and movies.

Brawlhalla and its latest update are now available for download on Nintendo Switch. Honestly, it’s well worth a play for those who gawk at Smash Bros’ unmoving £50 price tag.

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