Breakout – Dark Prison is an impressive looking action RPG that's working towards a mid-October release for iOS and Android

Breakout – Dark Prison is an action RPG by Latersoft that looks very impressive. It has vibes of Let It Die with its more quirky looking approach to the genre but it looks more solid mechanically. Of course, you never truly know how it feels to play until it’s in the wild. That shouldn’t be too far though with a mid-October release date planned. You can also pre-register on Google Play now if you’d like.

An unknown virus has crippled the Earth so naturally, as is always the case when that happens, everything has descended into total chaos. You happen to have a daughter who is immune to this mysterious virus and so she’s been kidnapped by a mercenary group called the Apostles. Your job is to save her from their clutches.

The game promises an in-depth character creator so you can give your character their own unique flair. There will also be ability points and stats you can personalise so that you can build your hero around your preferred playstyle. There will also be more than 12 different weapons to choose from so there’s sure to be something in there that’ll take your fancy.

Once you’ve made your character it’ll be time to battle your way through the Apocalypse where there will be hundreds of maps to explore and loot to pillage that can be used to forge weapons. There will also be folks within the Dark Prison who you can build alliances with to earn yourself some more resources. There will also be PVP modes on offer where you can team up with friends to fight others in an online arena.

It will also come with controller support right out of the gate which is good to hear. Whilst touch controls have improved over the years, there are some genres that it’ll never feel completely natural with and this type of game is certainly one of them.

Breakout – Dark Prison will be available on the App Store and Google Play, with the latter currently open for pre-registering. There’s no specific release date announced by the developer yet, however they are apparently aiming for mid-October.

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