Bulkhead Interactive Hiring to Transform into a Triple-A Studio

The Turing Test and Battalion 1944 developer Bulkhead Interactive is looking to transform into a AAA studio and is currently hiring for multiple positions.

Bulkhead Interactive, the developers of Pneuma: Breath of LifeBattalion 1944, and The Turing Test tweeted about new job openings this morning. The tweet encourages readers to, “Be a part of the next AAA studio.” Recently, the studio ported puzzle game The Turing Test to Nintendo Switch, but they are now looking to expand.

The Bulkhead Interactive website reads, “We are actively working on multiple projects to be released across the next few years. Join us on our journey from a small indie studio to an ‘AAA’ studio and help us raise the quality bar to something truly special.” Following the success of their recent projects and a sizeable investment from Square Enix, Bulkhead is looking to expand and be considered a triple-A studio.

The open positions include junior level designer, console programmer, creative writer, art director, and a few more. All open positions are located in Derby, United Kingdom and include benefits like medical insurance and profit-sharing.

The UK-based studio has already come a long way since it’s founding in 2015. Their first game, first-person puzzler Pneuma: Breath of Life sits at a 63 on Metacritic. However, Bulkhead gave the first-person puzzle formula another shot with 2016’s The Turing Test, which sits at a 74 on Metacritic and a 86% on Steam. The team then gave first-person shooters a shot with Battalion 1944 which hasn’t reviewed quite favorably since it’s release.

I’m interested in seeing what Bulkhead interactive will do next. They did really well with the first-person puzzle formula, and it would be great to see them return to that genre with a newfound polish. However, they seemingly want to experiment with different styles of games, and hopefully, an influx of new talent will allow them to create whatever they envision.

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