Bulwark of the Abyss, the promising action adventure game, launches into beta on iOS

Following a series of teases over on developer When’s Lunch? Games’ official site, Bulwark of the Abyss has now entered into beta on iOS.

It’s an action-packed adventure game where you’ll use a mix of melee and ranged attacks to fell your enemies and earn great rewards. With your magical shield in hand, you’ll defend yourself from crushing blows and deflect vicious attacks back towards your enemies with great style.

As you progress, you’ll continue to find better gear and equipment, increasing your usefulness in battle and allowing you to take on tougher foes. There are also magical runes to collect throughout the game’s world that instil your character with handy powers. These include elemental powers that can alter the pace and combat efficiency of your enemies.

Those who do opt to take part in the current beta should know that there are currently a number of known issues which could rear their head during play. You can see a full list of them over on the developer’s official site.

If you’re interested in taking part in the iOS beta and providing some helpful feedback, you can do so right now by following this here link to the game’s TestFlight page.

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