Bulwark of the Abyss, the twin-stick action game, is available for iOS in beta now

We last wrote about Bulwark of the Abyss a little over two weeks ago, where the developer was hinting at something through strange symbols and blog posts. It turns out they were teasing an open beta for the twin-stick action game which is available now for iOS through Testflight.

The beta is intended to be a short slice of the game so the developer can get feedback on Bulwark of the Abyss’ gameplay. Players will be able to explore a small portion of the game’s world, a portal to the abyss, a single boss fight and there will also be loot to plunder.

The developer is also keen for potential beta testers to be aware that there are likely to be optimisation issues alongside placeholder sounds and graphics that won’t be in the final build of the game. There will also be no tutorial or story, players will just be thrown into the game immediately.

Therefore, When’s Lunch? Games have created a post on their website that discusses the gameplay basics and how the Abyss portion of the beta functions. They’ve also mentioned the different specifications for the iOS devices you’ll need if you’re thinking about joining the beta.

You will need to have one that has at least 3GB of RAM, so the iPhone 8 Plus and beyond. There may also be an aspect ratio issue on some devices, with a fix being worked on at the moment. The beta is set to be improved as much as possible during the testing period but there’s no guarantee on how regularly this will happen.

If you’re unfamiliar with Bulwark of the Abyss it’s a twin-stick action game with a focus on a magical shield you possess that can deflect projectiles back at enemies. There is also a rune equipping system that allows you to customise your character further.

Bulwark of the Abyss is set to release on the App Store later this year. However, you can hop into the open beta now through Testflight if you’re interested in checking the game out.

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