Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gets New Look at Campaign and Spec-Ops in New Trailer

If you’ve been waiting for new details about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s campaign, then you’re in luck as a new trailer has hit the web.

If you’ve been waiting for some new details at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s campaign then the wait is finally over. Today, during PlayStation’s State of Play conference, Infinity Ward and Activision gave us players a new look at the game’s campaign, as well as a surprise peek at the game’s Spec-Ops mode.

The trailer gives us a new look at some characters that, up until this point, we only heard about in previews and images. Unfortunately, no “legacy” characters like Soap or Ghost show up, however, it’s still a really cool preview of the game’s campaign. Especially considering that up until this point, only the press has seen anything substantial from the story. In fact, a couple of shots from in the trailer are from the demo that the press saw at both the original reveal event and E3 2019.

In addition to the new campaign footage, we also got our first look at the game’s Spec-Ops Mode or at least the Survival form of it. We also got a bit of bad news, as it was confirmed that this mode will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 until October of next year, which makes this the longest third-party exclusive for a Call of Duty game ever.

Remember, we are getting a reveal of the game’s Spec-Ops mode later next month. Until then, the short teaser at the end of this trailer is all we have.

If you want to check out the trailer for yourself, you can find it at the end of the article.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is set to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on October 25, 2019.

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