Call of Duty: Modern Warfare looks much better in raw gameplay video

Activision’s gameplay reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could have been better. It held a stream in which YouTubers were shown playing a new 2v2 multiplayer mode called Gunfight. There was much screaming.

The Call of Duty community wasn’t particularly impressed, and asked developer Infinity Ward to release raw gameplay. Infinity Ward has responded with a video that makes the new Modern Warfare look a lot better.

The video, below, features gameplay captured in 4K on a PlayStation 4 Pro, Infinity Ward said. My first impression of the footage from the YouTube-focused reveal was Modern Warfare was a significantly slower, more tactical affair than previous games in the shooter series. This new gameplay video certainly makes Modern Warfare look a bit pacier, with the player in control zipping about the close-quarters maps and swiftly swapping between weapons.

Some initial observations remain true: Modern Warfare looks more grounded, and the weapon animations and audio give the guns a real punch. On the face of it, the simple act of shooting looks like it’ll feel more impactful than fans are used to. But the trademark Call of Duty responsiveness is there, with heavy boots on the ground traversal.

More multiplayer footage will be shown on Thursday, 1st August during a live show. Meanwhile, here’s Emma’s take on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s single-player showing at E3.

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