Celeste Dev Doles Out Handy In-Game Tips and Tricks

Celeste dev took to Twitter to break down gameplay mechanics that take advantage of positioning and timing windows, all for the player’s benefit.

Celeste developer Matt Thorson recently tweeted out some fantastic tips and tricks that can help you improve your game. They’re as they call it “game-feel thing” which is essentially those kinds of hidden, often unintentional mechanics that can make platforming easier by taking advantage of certain positioning and timing windows. But what makes this so interesting is that these mechanics are programmed in on purpose.

Later in the thread, Thorson explains a bit more about the mechanics themselves and why they exist in the first place: “You might have noticed a pattern! All are centered around widening timing/positioning windows, so that everything is fudged a tiny bit in the player’s favor. I think this is a big reason why Celeste can feel kind even though it’s very difficult — it wants you to succeed.”

Check out the thread below for the full list of advice:

If you’re interested in the game but still on the fence, read our glowing review for the game in which we state that “Celeste plays out as a dazzling allegory to depression and anxiety, hidden inside a well-executed 2D platformer.”

The final piece of DLC for Celeste is now available on all platforms — titled Farewell. Chapter 9 of the game features 100 new levels and 40 minutes of new music and is a final story chapter for the game, as Thorson promised “several brand new mechanics and items” and a “final goodbye” to the characters. This release also hit around the time that the creator Matt Thorson and three of their collaborators started their own development studio called Extremely OK Games.

Cuphead‘s Assist Mode was inspired by Celeste‘s, in which the latter’s mode allows the player to change the game speed, offer infinite stamina, air dashes, and invincibility. These features let Celeste to be enjoyed by players who found the original game to be inaccessible.


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