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Paladins: Champions of the Realm is getting a new hero with Atlas, a time-traveler who comes from a destroyed future and has time-warping abilities.

Evil Mojo Games has revealed the next major character coming to Paladins: Champions of the Realm: Atlas.

This has been a announcement built up over the past few months as Evil Mojo Games has teased it as part of their lore campaign. Part of it was through in-game hints such as portols in the Shattered Desert map that were, “radiating with otherworldly power.” Atlas, known as the Man out of Time, is from the future, a son of a legendary Judge.

Each day he fought to survive, and each night he found solace in stories of the Realm that was. These stories gave Realmkind hope, but their final stand against the Darkness failed tragically. All hope was lost… but one. Atlas studied old books of Crystal magic and mastered the control of time. He researched old tales of what started all this, of how the world had fallen. And then (as you saw in the video) Atlas stepped into the past, determined to save the Realm — and stop the Darkness — by changing the course of history.

You may be thinking of Cable from the X-Men comics when hearing Atlas’ backstory as the two are very similar. Cable is from an alternate future and the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey (who was really a clone of Jean Grey because, y’know, comics!).

Each of Atlas’ in-game abilities are tied to his time power, as he can summon a wall to slow time, rewind time for himself and opponents, and banish enemies from the “space-time continuum.” The time wall ability is also reminiscent of Quantum Break, Remedy’s latest game that toyed with time travel as well as time-based combat abilities. His arm is also not an arm, it is a giant gun, as you can tell from the Paladins key art. The gun has four different firing modes that can be alternated between depending on how long you charge a shot.

Atlas is coming in the March Paladins update titled “Future’s End.” In the meantime PlayStation Plus members have access to a free bundle that includes eight Champions, voice packs, 10 skins, bonus cosmetic content, and a Mount.

The Paladins PlayStation®Plus Pack includes:
Eight Champions and their Voice Packs
Ten Skins
The Bruce Buffer Announcer Pack
The Scarlet Charger Mount
A Death Stamp and Spray

A battle pass is also going to be introduced in Future’s End, one that will be an 8-bit retro-themed Battle Byte Battle Pass. End Times, the February update, will be ending once Future’s End is added, removing the special game mode in Shattered Desert that began the Atlas speculation. Paladins is currently free to play on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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