Charming Metroidvania Mable & The Wood is Coming to Xbox One and Switch Soon

Mable & The Wood from Triplevision Games and Graffiti Games will be coming to Xbox One on September 18 and Nintendo Switch on October 10.

Triplevision Games’ Metroidvania Mable & The Wood caught the eye of DualShockers years ago, though it did not release on PC until August 2019 with Double Cross’ Graffiti Games as a publisher. Today, the pair confirmed that Mable & The Wood would finally be coming to both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch by the end of October. On both platforms, the game will maintain its standard price of $14.99.

Mable & The Wood’s Xbox One port will be the first to arrive as it is coming out on September 18, 2019. Nintendo Switch owners will have to wait a bit longer for that version of game as it is poised to release on October 10, 2019. The second week of October will actually be a pretty busy time for platformers on Switch, as Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair and Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince are releasing the same week.

For those that have not heard of this game, Mable & The Wood is a Metroidvania with a peculiar protagonist that can barely lift their magical sword but can transform into other creatures. These transformations includes a mole, a spider, and one based on Medusa. The game has a lot of interesting enemies and bosses for players to fight, though it is possible to complete this Metroidvania without killing a single foe. As such, Mable & The Wood features multiple endings.

You can check out a trailer regarding the Nintendo Switch release of this Metroidvania below. Mable & The Wood is already available for PC, though Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players can expect the game to come out on September 18 and October 10, respectively.

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