Check out This Photorealistic Dreams Project Created on a Base PS4 

This Dreams creation is bloody impressive.

Want some “Whoa my goodness!” with your beverage this morning? BadRobo82 has revealed a creation they’re making in the PS4-exclusive Dreams and it looks utterly mind-blowing.

BadRobo, according to their Twitter bio, specialises in painting, drawing, games, and computer graphics. And to show off the possibilities Media Molecule’s Dreams is capable off, they’re shared footage of an unpublished “Dream”. (Dream’s are what user-created games are called in Dreams.)

As you can see from the video below, the game is said to have been created on a PS4 and features a foggy walk next to a river and a dense forest in the distance. The main appeal to this video is the quality and realism that comes across. The graphics coupled with the motion-blur and head bobbing while walking makes it look surprisingly realistic.

BadRobo admits that the above footage is only a snippet of the full level, leaving us wondering exactly how large this project actually is. They also confirm that they created all of the assets themselves and that everything is in full 3D. There’s even a statement from them saying the game runs in 30fps on a base PS4, the very console they’re creating this on.

If you do have Dreams, you’ll not be able to play this yet at BadRobo states that “it’s not ready yet.” However, while this particular video has caught everyone’s attention, there are more snippets of the rest of the project available on the YouTube channel.

The above video shows off a walk through the actual forest, meanwhile the below video shows off the project with some stormy weather. Of course, the earlier videos don’t seem to look as realistic as the most recent clip, but they still have that level of impressiveness and scale.

There’s even a video clip showing off some large waterfalls while surrounded by rocks and clouds and fog. These clips are all a fantastic example of what the game is capable of, even the developer, Media Molecule was impressed with the video.

Throughout the Twitter replies and YouTube comments, BadRobo continually makes references to imagining how this Dream would look on a PS5. To be honest, I’d love to see it, especially seeing as we know that there’s work taking place for the next-generation PS5.

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