Chronicles of Crime – The Millennium Series Blows Its Past Kickstarter Funding Goal

Chronicles of Crime – The Millennium Series builds on the excellent foundation that Lucky Duck Games set with its original mystery game.

Chronicles of Crime from Lucky Duck Games is an innovative cooperative mystery game that incorporates elements of Augmented Reality. In fact, the original Kickstarter project included the option to buy VR glasses to use with the game’s phone app to help immerse you in the experience. The game was a major hit for Lucky Duck, winning them tons of awards from all over the board game industry. And now, the team is back again with three major standalone expansions. Chronicles of Crime – The Millennium Series takes players to various points in time to solve wild new mysteries.

Chronicles of Crime does more than just add AR and VR to board games. It’s also an air-tight system that allows for nearly endless replayability. Instead of assigning each card a backstory, the team uses an app system to flesh out the characters over different scenarios. So, in one scenario the nice old lady might just help you out with a case, while in the next she’s the murderer. And Lucky Duck has opened the system up to the players, allowing them to create fan scenarios. Which helps keep the game chock full of content for years to come.

The first expansion takes players to 1400 AD. It introduces some new mechanics, the cutest of which is a new dog companion. You can give your puppy an item belonging to a suspect and he will track them down for you. Yet another neat way the game mixing theming and interactivity. Up next is a trip to 1900, where you’ll play as a “young, ambitious journalist working for a major newspaper”. Finally, you’ll move forward to 2400 AD, where androids live among the people. You can also add new cybernetic implants throughout your playthrough. Each scenario takes place in Paris and you play as different generations of the same family, giving a bit of throughline for the entire story. It all sounds like more Chronicles of Crime goodness, so I can’t wait to play it.

Chronicles of Crime – The Millenium Series is available on Kickstarter for 23 more days.

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