Classic Doom Marine Skins Exposes Your Abs in Doom Eternal

Who needs armor when fighting against demons anyways? The Classic Doom Marine skins bring the classic Doom Slayer look to Doom Eternal.

Have you ever wanted to slay demons while your intensely defined abs were exposed? Well, now you can! The newly announced Doom Eternal Classic Doom Marine skins will allow you to traverse the hellish Earth landscape in a much more breathable suit than the game’s typical Doom Slayer suit.

Hot abs aside, this is clearly a nod to the Doom marine seen on the iconic cover of the original game from 1994. From the bullet holes spread mostly across his right pectoral to the deep scratches on the right side of his abs, this is a fairly faithful recreation.

classic doom marine skins

To unlock all three skins, as well as the nameplates associated with them, you have to own the re-releases of Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 3. You also have to be a Slayer Club member and have a account. By logging into your account in any of these releases will garner you only one of the three Classic Doom Marine skins and nameplates. Logging into Doom will get you the Indigo skin, Doom 2 will earn you the Bronze skin, and Doom 3 will get you the Red skin.

You will be able to use any of these three skins in Doom Eternal‘s campaign or its new multiplayer mode, Battlemode. Now everyone will know you are a true Doom fan when they see you slaying those demons online.

Classic Doom Marine Skins

When these re-releases launched, there was controversy surrounding them as it was required to login to to play these old games. Many spoke against this which led to Bethesda giving the option to skip the login process. With these new skins, this may give players an actual reason to log into their accounts.

Doom Eternal will launch on November 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC. If you end up completing that hot new release in a short period of time, Doom 64 will be re-released for the Nintendo Switch on the same day.

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