Contra: Rogue Corps Producer Says Series Can Return to 2D, But Needs to Innovate

Contra: Rogue Corps may be a 3D game, but Executive Producer Nobuya Nakazato says a new entry in that style is possible.

Over eight years after the release of Hard Corps: Uprising, Konami decided to bring the classic Contra series back. While fans of 2D Contra games were able to sink their teeth into the Contra Anniversary Collection this year, the newly announced Contra: Rogue Corps ditches the series’ typical formula as it is 3D and plays more like a cooperative top-down shooter. The fans’ reception to this new take on Contra has been mixed, with many yearning for a more traditional new entry. While Contra: Rogue Corps isn’t that, the game’s Executive Producer told DualShockers that a new 2D Contra is not totally out of the question for Konami in the future.

Konami recently flew DualShockers out to Contra: Rogue Corps‘ launch event and during that we interviewed Nobuya Nakazato, the game’s Executive Producer. You may know him for his work as Director on Contra III: The Alien Wars and Rocket Knight Adventures. As he has worked on both 2D and 3D Contra games now, Nakazato-san says he would not mind returning to the series’ 2D roots, though Konami would need to innovate with that game and not just make it a graphical overhaul of the originals with new content.

“Yeah, I love the old 2D games as well and I’d love to make new ones, but just modernizing the graphics, upgrading the graphics, and creating something new in them would not be the right way to do it, in my opinion,” Nakazato-san began. “I’d have to come up with a new innovation and maybe change a bit of the genre and then I can start working on one of those.” While it doesn’t seem like a new 2D Contra is in the works just yet, it’s good to know that Konami, or at least Contra: Rogue Corps‘ Executive Producer, isn’t completely averse to the idea.

Contra: Rogue Corps releases for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 24, 2019, and can be picked up on Amazon. If you want to get a better idea of what this new 3D Contra is like, you can check out DualShockers’ preview from E3 2019 and look forward to our review of the game soon.

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