Control Developer Remedy Signs Deal With Epic Games for Two Multi-Platform Games

Epic Games fully funds Remedy Entertainment for two unannounced titles from a single franchise.

Remedy Entertainment seems to be busy nowadays, with part of the team working on the CrossFire X campaign mode and a smaller group developing the upcoming expansion for Control. However, there are more to come from the Finnish studio as they’ve signed a new deal with Epic Games recently for working on two multi-platform unannounced titles.

Based on the deal, the publisher will be fully supporting Remedy Entertainment during the development process, while grossing half of the net revenue. According to Remedy, both projects are set in the same franchise while one of them is a triple-A game already known as “unannounced third project,” and the other one is a smaller-scale iteration of the same series. Both titles will be built upon the Northlight engine. The good news is that the pre-production process has already started for the bigger project.

Although the name of the franchise is yet to be revealed, developing two different games from a single series that Remedy owns the IP for, rings a bell. Regarding the fact that Remedy has regained the publishing rights for the Alan Wake series recently, I’d personally guess that the projects are a new Alan Wake game along with the remastered version of the original game. However, they might be sequels or spin-offs of the last year’s Control. A new Max Payne or a sequel to Quantum Break likely isn’t happening since Remedy isn’t the IP owner for those franchises.

Fortunately, Remedy Entertainment did reveal at the end of its recent statement that more details will be available about their new deal and the unannounced projects later today.

Remedy’s latest launch, Control, one of the notable games of the last year, was nominated in different fields at The Game Awards 2019, though it only won one of those. In the case of the sales, Control didn’t perform greatly at launch, but after winning multiple prizes during different gaming events, it met the expectations of the company.

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