Control Director’s Focus is On Making a Game That’s “Explorable” Rather Than “Replayable”

Game Director Mikael Kasurinen goes into the many secrets of Control and how they focused more on an explorable world over replayability.

Game Director Mikael Kasurinen recently discussed studio Remedy’s upcoming title Control in a new Playstation Blog post, including its secrets, puzzles, and the overall nature of exploration and discovery in the title. Mikael first elaborated on the puzzle designs and gaming mechanics:

“This game has more puzzles than what we’ve ever done before. It’s about us wanting to create an adventure for the player, a world filled with mystery and wonder, with rewards to find and lore to discover.

“To achieve that, we needed to create puzzles that feel like they fit into this world and to the overall context of the moment when they’re found. To get variation we have different types of puzzles, some of them focusing on narrative elements, and some on mechanics and physics.

“With this type of a setting and mechanics, creating puzzles was actually quite straightforward, but of course we needed to iterate them quite a bit to ensure they are intuitive and fun to execute. It’s a really difficult balance to get puzzles right in an action game, so hopefully we nailed it.”

He then delved into the nature of making a game that’s explorable, with secrets that players can keep uncovering as they play:

“Instead of making the game ‘replayable,’ for us it was more about creating a world that you can keep exploring.

“We had to accept that we will create a lot of cool content that many might never find. This will be the thing that will make people spend time in this world.

“It is not about repetition, it is about structuring the content in such a way that exploration, and just ‘being there,’ is what you want to do, because everything you find will feel meaningful.”

And as befitting a game with a heavy focus on exploration, Control won’t feature a new game plus (although it will receive photo mode after launch). In other news, the title has officially gone gold as of July of this year. There’s also a story and character trailer if you’re interested in learning more about the title.

You can preorder Control, which releases August 27th, for PS4 and Xbox One.

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