Could Zombies Be Coming To Warzone? New Leaks Suggest So

Players might be in for trouble in Verdansk!

Season Two is so close Call of Duty fans can smell it! But the big question everyone wants to know before the update, will there be new zombies in Warzone? New leaks seem to point to yes! It looks like the new Outbreak mode won’t be the only new Zombie’s experience coming to Call of Duty with Season Two.

What Are The New Leaks?

A brand new update went live for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on February 24, and data miners have discovered a bunch of new information regarding Season Two. One of the biggest leaks is that the inclusion of new Zombies in Warzone is looking incredibly likely. @WarzoneNewz on Twitter leaked all of the information from the Cold War update. It looks as though there will be new challenges that revolve around killing Zombies in Warzone to unlock new calling cards. Check out the challenge in the image below, courtesy of /u/FunBun71 on Reddit!

The challenge card reads “In Warzone, eliminate 8 Zombies before the first circle closes”. Judging by the calling cards on the left-hand side, it’s likely that there will be other Warzone and Zombies challenges too.

Other Season Two Leaks

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty Zombies you’re in for a treat, as there are even more leaks regarding the beloved game mode! The information comes from the infamous Call of Duty leaker WarzoneNewz. You can check out their tweet below which states “Looks like the next zombie’s map will be located in Berlin!”. It’s unclear why the leaker believes Berlin will be the next Zombie’s map, but WarzoneNewz is quite a reliable source when it comes to the latest Call of Duty leaks.

Check out what’s happening with the ship and storm edging closer to Verdansk!

When Does Season Two Start?

Season Two begins at 9PM PT Feb. 24 / 12AM ET Feb. 25 / 5AM GMT Feb. 25

Today is your last day to max out the Season One battle pass!

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