Crema Games Reveals the Full Temtem Roadmap

Temtem developer Crema Games is back again today with an even more in-depth look at their plans for the game.

If yesterday’s reveal of their short-term plans wasn’t enough, Temtem developer Crema Games is back with a full picture look at what they’re planning. The second part of their roadmap gets the devs through summer 2021, and I have to say, there’s going to be a ton of content once everything is wrapped up. Check it out below.

Yesterday, the team gave us a quick look at things like ranked matchmaking, player housing, and much more. Today’s iteration is chock full of just as much content. First up in winter 2020, the team wants to add both Club Dojo Wars and a Trading House. The Dojo Wars will be a way for your Club (think traditional clans) to fight against other Clubs for dominance over a Dojo. Holding a Dojo lets you decorate it and opens up new rewards. The Trading House will give you a user-friendly way for players to trade. It’s going to be a big feature, which is why the devs are giving themselves plenty of time to work on it. Winter will also introduce Matchmaking V2, which is when the team will start adding seasons for ranked play.

In spring 2021, Crema hopes to have the game ready for its 1.0 launch. That also means this is when the console ports will start to roll out. They’ll also have a new end-game island and a cosmetics store. Summer 2021 will see the rollout of a special “Nuzlocke” game mode and a cosmetics battle pass, among other features. The Nuzlocke mode is particularly intriguing. It serves as a hardcore mode where your Temtem are permanently released if they’re knocked out. PVP is still possible in the mode, so if you want to risk everything, you absolutely can.

Obviously, everything in the roadmap is still somewhat up in the air. Crema wants to add it all, but Temtem is still in very active development. Hopefully, they can make it all work because all the stuff they’re talking about seems both incredibly smart and super fun.

Temtem is available now on PC via early access.

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