Cricket Through the Ages, a physics game that's part of the Apple Arcade line up, releases its first trailer

Cricket Through The Ages is the latest addition to Apple Arcade’s ever-growing roster. It’s developer by Free Lives and will be published by Devolver Digital, who have shown an increased interested in mobile this year with ports of Gris and entirely new games like Witcheye appearing on phones.

Cricket Through The Ages is a very literal title. The game will see cricket at different points throughout time. It’s a historical game then. Well, sort of, whilst the game does go through history and does occasionally involve cricket, it’s not exactly factual or even based on the sport.

A single button physics game, it will see players attempting to knock over an opponent by throwing objects at them or simply charging into them. As you can see from the trailer below this may sometimes involve cricket but also includes jousting, axe throwing and… duelling with cups of tea?

It all looks delightfully mad but you’d kind of expect that from Free Lives. These are the people who previously brought us Genital Jousting and Broforce. So they’re certainly no strangers to oddball ideas. It looks like fun though and kind of reminds me of games like QWOP or Mount Your Friends.

Speaking of which, this game will have several modes, some of which will allow you to play with your friends. There are no specific details on what they modes are at the moment but I’d imagine that some form of verses will certainly be included.

Cricket Through The Ages will be available as part of Apple Arcade, which launches on 19th September. There is currently no word on if it will be available on launch th]ough. For a full list of Apple Arcade titles, check out our extensive list.

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