Cuphead Gets Accessible Assist Mode Mod Inspired by Celeste

Cuphead is famous for its difficulty, but thanks to a modder, a new assist mode mod inspired by Celeste is now available.

A brand new PC mod for Studio MDHR’s Cuphead has introduced an assist mode in a similar way to Celeste. The mod is intended to give the player some assistance in overcoming the games difficult gameplay.

Assist Mode” is the name of the mod and was inspired by Celeste which included an assist mode allowing the player to change the game speed, offer infinite stamina, air dashes, and invincibility. These features allowed Celeste to be enjoyed by players who found the original game to be inaccessible.

The Cuphead mod finds players being given an additional 3 health points, so instead of having 3HP they’re given 6HP. It also increases the weapon damage boost and gives the player 40 coins. Players can use the coins to unlock helpful boosts that can be equipped before entering a battle. You can watch a demo of the mod in action below.

The modder, n00bplatformer has also stated that players using the mod may want to start a new save game.

Cuphead is notorious for its difficulty in gameplay, however, it’s also incredibly inaccessible for those who may want to enjoy it to their difficulty threshold. This mod allows them to enjoy the game with some assistance. Annoyingly, it’s being slated as an “easy mode” or “journalist mode” by those who can’t wrap their heads around the concept of accessibility and including more players in the Cuphead experience. Meanwhile, Celeste’s assist mode ended up being incredibly popular and even became part of the Game Accessibility Guidelines.

Allowing players a way to experience a game they’ve wanted to play but been unable too due to it being inaccessible is a great thing. Having a mod that suits their preferences is a fantastic thing and shouldn’t come under fire by abled players for being “easy”. It’s just a shame that the assist mode hadn’t already been implemented by the developer themselves.

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