Cuphead Has Now Passed 4 Million Copies Sold

Cuphead has reached a new milestone now passing 4 million copies in total.

Studio MDHR and Netflix announced this morning that The Cuphead Show, a new animated series based on the video game property, is currently in the works and would be releasing on the streaming platform at some point in the future. While this was the main news that dropped regarding Cuphead this morning, some other rather substantial information was also divulged in the process.

As mentioned by The Hollywood ReporterCuphead has now officially surpassed 4 million copies sold in total since launching back in 2017. When we last had heard sales numbers for Cuphead, which was nearly a year ago, the game had just recently passed the 3 million marker. Since that time, apparently, it has jumped by another million or so copies.

Surely, Cuphead’s release on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year was one of the big catalysts that helped it surpass this new milestone. The Switch’s install base, which is well over 30 million, allowed many who hadn’t previously played the game on Xbox One or PC to finally get their hands on the much-beloved indie game. Plus, I’m sure plenty of others double-dipped as well so that they could take Cuphead on the go with them.

As for what’s next for Cuphead, the game’s highly-anticipated DLC entitled The Delicious Last Course is set to arrive across all platforms at some point in 2020. Whether the advent of this DLC’s launch will help push Cuphead past 5 million copies sold at that time remains to be seen.

Until then, you can currently pick up Cuphead on Xbox One, Switch, or PC.

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