Cuphead Sheet Music Now Available for Purchase

You can now purchase a number of official Cuphead arrangements for absurdly cheap.

When it comes to Cuphead players recognize it due to its gorgeous 1930s art style and jazzy music arrangement.  The property is such a success that Netflix is developing a show for it. As of today, you can even purchase official sheet music of the songs from the charming shooting platformer.

The sheet music is available for a variety of different musical ensembles including High School Concert Band, Jazz Band, Professional Band, and Barbershop Quartet. Each ensemble has a package that includes a specific number of arrangements. The price for each package varies from five dollars to fifty dollars. Being a musician for over half my life, that is an insane steal of a price. Purchasing one piece alone for a band normally runs for well over a hundred dollars. These packages are giving numerous songs for significantly less.

I love that Studio MDHR is providing a way for groups to play the music from Cuphead. There aren’t many developers that give out their music like this. Personally, I would have loved to play any song from the game in my own high school jazz band.

Cuphead originally released in 2017 and has gone nowhere but up since. Back in April, it launched on the Nintendo Switch and is heading to Tesla vehicles in the future weirdly enough. Later, the title passed 4 million copies sold. On top of all of that, “The Delicious Last Course” DLC is coming out sometime next year and I’m expecting great things from it. Cuphead feels like it can’t be stopped. It has done everything I could possibly think of it doing outside of having an animated feature film. Regardless, I can’t wait for the future the franchise and whatever Studio MDHR has next up their sleeves.

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