Dauntless Gets a New Trailer Leading into Its Biggest Content Update Yet

If you thought Dauntless’ Behemoths couldn’t get any harder then you’d be completely wrong.

Phoenix Labs’ biggest update for Dauntless is officially live and the team has prepared a trailer to show off everything new that’ll be available in-game. The update, “Fortune and Glory” adds new trials that players will have to overcome with harder Behemoths and a chance at fame within the game’s new leaderboards, which are prominently placed within the game’s hub area. You can check out the new trailer for yourself down below.

Trials will be timed and offer hunts against Behemoths with increased difficulty. A new NPC named Lady Luck will reward players with cosmetic gear. Players will also be hunting on the Island of Trials, an arena-style map created for these challenges. As previously mentioned, a leaderboard has been added to the hub world which will list the top players during each week. The whole community will be competing for the top scores.

With the new update, a new Hunt Pass has also become available. Again, all of the rewards are cosmetic with additional currencies that can be used to purchase cosmetic items as well as speed up the cell fusing process. All of the new items in the Hunt Pass seem to revolve around a sort of pirate theme so if that’s your cup of tea as far as fashion goes in-game, you’ll definitely be interested in checking out this season’s pass.

Dauntless is available now as a free-to-play title on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more, you can check out my review of the game as well as our preview of the upcoming Nintendo Switch version.

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