Dauntless Is Getting Challenge Trials and a New Hunt Pass Next Week

Hunt like a pirate in all of the new content coming to Dauntless this summer.

The developers over at Phoenix Labs have been putting together a big new update for their action hunting game Dauntless. The update,  titled “Fortune & Glory,” will bring with it a new key NPC named Lady Luck who’s bringing along trials with her as well as the game’s newest seasonal hunt pass. You can check out some screenshots down below.

Trials will take place on a brand new and mysterious island. They’ll pit players against some modified Behemoths along with some all-new environmental hazards like terrain-transforming pests. Said trials will be set to timers so the pressure will definitely be on full throttle.

Players will also have access to two difficulties, “Normal,” and “Dauntless.” Each of which will offer two separate currencies in the form of Steel Marks and Gilded Marks. The normal Steel Marks will allow players to purchase a variety of special rewards like weapon mods and alternate special attacks. Gilded Marks, on the other hand, will allow for the purchase of exclusive cosmetic rewards that’ll let you show off your skill. All of this will only accessible through a special shop run by Lady Luck herself. Also, both Marks are only earnable via Trials.

A special “Wall of Champions” will also be placed outside of Lady Luck’s shop. Here, players will have the opportunity to compete on the game’s new leaderboards which showcases Slayer performance in both solo and group hunts. There will be a weekly rotation so if you try hard enough you just might be able to see your name up there at some point.

All of this new content is encapsulated by the upcoming High Skies season in Dauntless, which is pirate themed. Like previous Hunt Passes, you’ll be able to buy into the pass with Platinum currency. As always, all rewards will consist of consumables as well as cosmetic items. Phoenix Labs plans to follow up High Skies with another consecutive Hunt Pass once the first one ends, so there’ll be even more content to unlock if you’re obsessed with acquiring all sorts of gear.

In case you haven’t been following our coverage of Dauntless, I reviewed the game back in May and absolutely adored it. The game is also coming to Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. Through an Epic Games account, you can connect one account to all of the devices you decide to play on so having it on the go is really awesome.

Dauntless is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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