Dave Bautista Says He Has “Tried Everything” to Star in the Gears of War Movie

Even though he has vouched hard to star in the Gears of War film, actor Dave Bautista said it has been to no avail.

While Gears 5 is set to arrive right around the corner, there’s also a new movie based on the Gears of War series currently in the works as well. The project is still in its early phases and as of late last year, a new writer of the film’s script has been assigned to work on the movie. Currently, the film hasn’t officially cast anyone in any of its lead roles, but that hasn’t prevented some for vouching to star in the film.

In a new tweet from former wrestler and current actor Dave Bautista, he said that he has tried his hardest to get in on the cast of the forthcoming Gears of War movie. Unfortunately for Bautista, he stated that he doesn’t think anything will come of it.

“They’re listening. And they could give AF!” Bautista said on Twitter. “Believe me when I say I’ve tried everything to make this happen. ”

Perhaps part of the reason as to why Bautista isn’t being cast in the film is because the role many think he’d be perfect for, that of Marcus Fenix, won’t even be present in the movie. As IGN reported previously, the film is currently planned to be a sort of alternate reality when compared to the games. Because of this, maybe instead the film will focus on an entirely new set of characters and a different story compared to what we’ve seen already in the video games.

Speaking more to Bautista specifically though, I really do think he’d be a perfect fit for this film, assuming it’s ever actually made. Even though he thinks he won’t end up playing a role in the movie, Universal would be wise to actually cast him. He’s been pretty darn great in everything he’s showed up in over the past few years.

At the end of the day though, maybe Bautista not being involved with the project will be a good thing since, you know, video game movies are usually bad anyway.

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