Days Gone to Receive a New Game Plus Mode Next Week

One of the most requested features in Days Gone is finally being implemented soon.

At long last, Days Gone will be getting a New Game Plus game mode, which has arguably been the most requested feature in the game since it arrived earlier this year.

Bend Studio made the announcement official today via the PlayStation Blog revealing that New Game Plus will finally come to Days Gone on September 13. For those not paying attention to the calendar, that’s only a week from tomorrow. As for what will carry over, Bend says that “previously earned weapons, bike upgrades, NERO boosters, skills, recipes, encampment trust and credits, collectibles, and trophy progress” will all be unlocked once you begin your second run.

Along with New Game Plus finally arriving, Bend has also added two new difficulties to Days Gone. Hard II and Survival II are the new difficulty levels in question and both can be played in your first playthrough without New Game Plus. Lastly, some new trophies have also been included related to the new difficulties and with New Game Plus. And for Syphon Filter fans, a new weapon from that series has also now found its way into Days Gone.

All in all, those who have been looking to dive back into the game should have a lot to be happy about. Bend has largely done a great job of continuing to roll out updates like this to give players new content in the months following Days Gone’s release. We’ll have to wait to see more of what the studio has planned for the future of the game in the coming months.

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