DC Universe Online Comes to Switch in Early August

DC Universe Online drops on August 6 for Switch.

To coincide with the start of San Diego Comic-Con today, it was announced when Switch owners will finally be able to play the MMO DC Universe Online.

After first revealing the Switch version of DCUO a few months back, Daybreak Games today confirmed that the game will arrive next month on August 6, 2019. The game will be free-to-play much like it is on other platforms. If you’re looking to transition a character from another platform over to Switch though, that won’t be possible. The Switch community will be entirely separate from other versions of DCUO that are currently available.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that cross-play won’t be supported for DC Universe Online for Switch. Whether or not this feature could arrive down the road or not has yet to be determined, but it won’t be present at launch for certain.

We actually got to check out DC Universe Online for Switch last month and thought it made the transition to the handheld platform pretty well. While it doesn’t drastically update the game based on what we’ve seen, the Switch version should be a more than apt location to play the game upon if that’s something you’re looking for.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to have some more impressions of the final product for you next month once it launches. Until that time, stay tuned.

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