Dead By Daylight Mobile adds Laurie Strode and Michael Myers

Dead By Daylight Mobile is set to add Laurie Storde and Michael Myers from John Carpenter’s seminal horror classic, Halloween. The announcement arrived via a cinematic trailer posted over on the game’s official YouTube channel.

The trailer shows Myers doing what he does best: quietly lurking outside a suburban home. It then cuts to gameplay of the killer in action, hunting his victims with a bloodied knife in hand. We also get a brief look of Laurie rushing to survive through a secret hatch. Cut to a shot of Laurie and Michael silently standing on opposite sides of a door. It’s all very spooky and intense.

Dead By Daylight, if you didn’t know, is an asynchronous multiplayer game where 4 player-controlled survivors fight to escape from a player-controlled killer. The mobile port hasn’t actually been out for long, and it still isn’t available in most regions, though we (or I, rather) did manage to review it last month.

At that point, it was a very rough port of an already flawed game. It showed plenty of potential, though it definitely wasn’t the optimal way to play. I’ve been meaning to dip back in again to see how it’s progressed, especially now that it’s slowly rolling out in the west.

The PC and console versions have featured many big-name horror icons in the past, including Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Ghost Face, and the pig from Saw. There’s also an upcoming crossover with Netflix’s Stranger Things in the works.

UK-based players still don’t have access to Dead By Daylight Mobile on iOS or Android. It’s a shame, but I imagine that’ll change soon enough. For now, you can pre-register over on the game’s official site

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