Dead Island 2 Development Has Been Passed Off to Dambuster Studios

The studio behind Homefront: The Revolution has now taken over development of Dead Island 2.

Just a few months back, THQ Nordic confirmed that the long-awaited Dead Island 2 was still in development, but didn’t have much else to say about the project at the time. As of today, more information on the game has now been disclosed and it continues to be somewhat concerning.

Via a new press release that was sent out this morning, THQ Nordic announced that Dambuster Studios, which previously worked on Homefront: The Revolution, is now the lead developer of Dead Island 2. This marks the third change in developers that this project has had over the past few years.

Originally, Techland was supposed to develop Dead Island 2 before then began work on Dying Light. Afterward, Yager Development picked up the project before later being dropped by Deep Silver. Following this situation, Sumo Digital then became the next studio behind the project before then today clearly being dumped in favor of Dambuster for one reason or another.

Essentially, Dead Island 2 has been trapped in development hell for over five years at this point. The game was first revealed all the way back at E3 2014 and has since gone through the many shifts that were mentioned above. There’s likely no other game in the entire industry that has undergone such a tumultuous development period over the past decade. It’s a shock that the game is even still alive, to be honest.

Hopefully, this will be the final time that Dead Island 2 shifts hands at Deep Silver. Perhaps the move to now develop the game in-house will provide the necessary stability to finally one day actually get it in the hands of consumers.

Dead Island 2 is set to still release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC whenever it may end up arriving.

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