Death Stranding Album ‘Timefall’ Releases Its First Track

The original Death Stranding album Timefall has released its first track titled “Death Stranding” by Scottish electro-pop group CHVRCHES.

We have our first track off the Death Stranding original album called Timefall. The debut song comes from Scottish electro-pop group CHVRCHES and it’s simply titled “Death Stranding.”

Each song on the album tackles an element of Death Stranding‘s nebulous themes. The album itself is named after the mysterious rainfall in the game that changes everything it touches. What theme the newly released song off that album represents…I don’t exactly know. My best guess comes from the lyrics “What will become of us now, at the end of time? We’ll be fine, you and I.” Death Stranding takes place after the collapse of civilization. Protagonist Sam Bridges is journeying across what’s left to reconnect a fractured society and save the planet from total extinction. The song seems to be an optimistic evaluation of Bridges’ chances. Listen to it yourself and let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments! I’ll be looking forward to those interpretations.

CHVRCHES was inspired to make the song after spending some time with Hideo Kojima at Kojima Productions in Tokyo. I have no doubt that they didn’t fully understand what Kojima was describing, but were nonetheless captivated just as we’ve all been. The full tracklist for Timefall is as follows:

  1. “Trigger” Major Lazer x Khalid
  2. “Ghost” Au/Ra x Alan Walker
  3. “Death Stranding” CHVRCHES
  4. “YELLOW BOX” The Neighbourhood
  5. “Meanwhile…In Genova” The S.L.P.
  6. “Ludens” Bring Me the Horizon
  7. “Born in The Slumber” Flora Cash
  8. “Sing to Me” MISSIO

The project was created in partnership between Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and RCA Records. The artists featured on the album cover a pretty wide breadth of genres, as you can see. They all spent time at SIE (likely trying to figure out what this game is) before recording their take on a theme.

Timefall will release alongside Death Stranding on Nov. 8. It’ll be included in both the Special Edition and the Collector’s Edition. The Special Edition is available for pre-order on Amazon now.

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