Death Stranding Gets First Tokyo Game Show 2019 Gameplay

Watch Hideo Kojima comment an early Death Stranding mission live at TGS 2019, explaining the game’s base gameplay.

Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions held the first live gameplay session for Death Stranding at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Before he started commenting the gameplay video, recorded beforehand and nearly without cuts, Kojima first looked back at Death Stranding‘s development and explained a little bit what he was about to show.

Kojima mentioned again how everything went Just as Keikaku (Note: keikaku means plan) regarding Death Stranding‘s development. He wanted to release the game before the 2020 Olympics, on the year Akira takes place in, and on November, as that’s when Blade Runner takes place. He managed to fill all these conditions.

Next, Kojima explained the gameplay is from a certain mission at around one-third of the game. To help non-Japanese people understand, while he set the voices in Japanese, he set the menus and the GUI in English.

Lastly, Kojima repeated he’d rather want you to skip these gameplay videos and discover the game at release. He ended up revealing this gameplay video because “a lot of people say they don’t understand the game”. If you do watch it, he said you should avoid paying too much attention to the UI or Sam’s items to avoid spoiling yourself too much. In any case, whether you watch it or not, the gameplay is embedded below.

Death Stranding will be getting more gameplay revealed at TGS on September 14. A talk show with Hideo Kojima and the Japanese voice cast will also be held on September 15. You should check our schedule editorial for time conversions and stream links.

Death Stranding launches exclusively on PS4 on November 8.

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