Death Stranding OST Vinyls Now Available For Pre-Order

Death Stranding’s haunting, sci-fi, synth-filled original soundtrack is now on sale

It wasn’t that long ago that Hideo Kojima’s latest title, Death Stranding, brought a new kind of gaming experience to players. It combined realistic walking with horror and stealth, to put it in simple terms.

One of the consistent highlights of the game was walking around and suddenly the game’s soundtrack sets in. There’s suddenly a moody, sci-fi synth accompanying the desolate landscape that Sam struggles to cross. And now, audiophiles can bring those tunes to their homes in physical format – a Death Stranding OST vinyl.

The record is only being sold through Mondo, a gaming collectibles vendor. They often print vinyl’s of retro OST’s, with Castlevania and Metal Gear titles both making appearances. But this is the first time that a modern title is receiving a release through their store.

The album itself sports a design of two hands outstretched upwards, a reference to the Chiral Crystals that BT’s drop once their connection to the world is cut. The albums themselves are clear with either red, green or gold splattered throughout. The entire print includes three double-sided albums and sports 29 tracks in total – all composed by Ludvig Forssel for the game. Another album featuring the work of Chvrches, Low Roar, and more will be releasing later this year.

You can pre-order the Death Stranding score now through Mondo’s store page here. For more of Death Stranding‘s music, the game’s full soundtrack is available now on digital streaming services.

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