Death Stranding Will Allow You to Weaponize Piss

Kojima has previously referred to Death Stranding as the world’s first “strand” game, and now I guess we know why.

During today’s Gamescom Opening Night Live stream, Hideo Kojima came out and revealed some new footage of this year’s release of Death Stranding and, boy howdy, it sure was something.

Likely the biggest moment of the new gameplay video (other than when we strangely saw Geoff Keighley realized in the game’s world) came right at the beginning of the demo when Norman Reedus’ character, Sam Bridges, began peeing. Yes, you read that right; Death Stranding will allow you to openly pee whenever Sam seemingly has to relieve himself. There’s a meter for it and everything.

This seems like an odd system to include in the game, but apparently, its use doesn’t stop there. Kojima went on to explain that pee in the game could be used as “a weapon.” That’s right, Kojima has weaponized piss in Death Stranding. He also went on to clarify that you’ll never be able to see Sam’s private parts when he’s doing this as he’ll always turn away from the camera. Furthermore, if all players somehow peed in the same spot, it might have certain effects.

I know we’ve all collectively asked this a thousand times now but just what in the heck is this game? Every time I think we’ve seen everything that Death Stranding will offer in the craziness department, Kojima comes in and introduces something else wild like peeing gameplay. I’m not really complaining, I guess, as Death Stranding is likely still my most-anticipated game of the year. I’m more just in shock that this even exists.

For better or worse, Death Stranding looks like it’s going to be Hideo Kojima in his purest form when it launches on November 8, 2019 for PS4. Let’s just hope that the game is as fun to play as it has been to watch all of these years.

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