Death Stranding’s Japanese Dub is Now Complete

Kojima and the Death Stranding Japanese cast held a party as they finished recording all the game’s voiceovers.

Hideo Kojima announced via his Twitter account the Japanese dubbing for Death Stranding has been finished. On August 8, Kojima tweeted a photo of himself along with the publicly known Japanese cast of Death Stranding. In the tweet, Kojima mentions they held a wrap-up party to celebrate the Japanese dub’s completion. Death Stranding‘s cast is full of veteran seiyuu, and on the photo we can spot from left to right, starting from the top row:

  • Akio Otsuka, who voices Die-Hardman, Tommie Earl Jenkins
  • Hochu Otsuka, who voices Heartman, Nicolas Winding Refn
  • Akihiko Ishizumi, who voices Deadman, Guillermo del Toro
  • Satoshi Mikami, who voices Higgs, Troy Baker
  • Nana Mizuki, who voices Fragile, Léa Seydoux
  • Kenjiro Tsuda, who voices Sam, Norman Reedus
  • Kikuko Inoue, who voices Amelie, Lindsay Wagner

Death Standing also features Maaya Sakamoto voicing Mama, Margaret Qualley, and Kazuhiro Yamaji voicing Cliff, Mads Mikkelsen.

Death Stranding is an irregularity in Japanese games as it uses non-Japanese actors for the characters. As such, the English dub was recorded first. Japanese games usually wrap up their original Japanese dub very early in development, not three months before release.

To be perfectly honest with you Death Stranding‘s Japanese dub is one of the biggest reasons why I’m hyped about the game, rather than the game itself. Then again, despite being a huge weeb, I stick to my principle of always prioritizing the original voiceovers, so I’m planning to play Death Stranding with the original English voiceovers first.

Death Stranding was also recently unlisted from PlayStation Australia’s PS4 exclusives page, so maybe it’ll come to another platform. No one knows if it actually means anything or not though. Other PS4 exclusive games such as the MediEvil remake are also missing from the page. We’ll also see more Death Stranding at Gamescom, with Kojima attending.

Death Stranding launches on PS4 on November 8.

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