Desperados III is Having a Closed Beta this Month to Get Player Feedback

500 players will be able to give their feedback on Desperados III via a Closed Beta happening later this month.

Following an appearance at E3 2019, Mimimi Productions and THQ Nordic are looking for even more feedback on their upcoming strategy game Desperados III. This time, the feedback will be coming from a Closed Beta that will allow 500 players to try out the game later this month. You can check out a brand new trailer touting the Closed Beta, which was actually put together by a developer following the poor reception to the music choice in THQ Nordic’s trailer, below:

Specifically, this Desperados III Closed Beta is poised to run from July 9 until 11pm PT on July 21. Mimimi Productions will choose 500 players out of everyone who applies with the Google Form and allow them to give their feedback on a near-final build of the game before Desperados III’s official launch. The Closed Beta does has a strict NDA though, so no screenshots, video, or the like can be shared if you do end up participating in it.

Narrative Director Dennis Huszak is quite enthusiastic about the Closed Beta, stressing that the developers want genuine feedback about Desperados III from players. “”This is not the ‘pre order now to play the game before anyone else and give us feedback, though the full release coming just two weeks later’ closed beta bullsh*t people are used to by now. We really want to invite the community to play the game while it’s still under construction and share their thoughts and wishes with us. And we also want to give ourselves the time to react to the players’ input. It’s a matter of respect,” he said.

Desperados III is still set to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One later in 2019.

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