Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2019 challenges and rewards explained

How to complete each Moments of Triumph and earn each time-limited reward.

Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph is a series of challenges designed to wrap up the many activities in the second year of Bungie’s space shooter sequel.

Players of the original Destiny will be familiar with how it works. By completing these challenges – some of which tasking you with the toughest activities – you can earn exclusive rewards, both in-game and out, including the chance to purchase an exclusive T-shirt and, for the first time, a Seal to adorn your Guardian with.

The structure is much the same as last year, though each Triumph is weighted the same, giving you a little more freedom to play how you like.

Moments of Triumph takes place from July 9th – the same day Bad Juju returned to the game – to August 27th’s weekly reset, which is the final day to complete challenges and redeem rewards.

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Destiny Moments of Triumph challenges list

This is the biggest Moments of Triumph to date, with 24 challenges to complete in total (more will be released as part of this year’s Solstice of Heroes from July 24th).

You’ll find the list of Moments of Triumph challenges in the ‘Triumphs’ tab in your inventory, then select the Seal at the bottom of the screen.

Activity Completion method Completions
Mission: Nothing Left to Say Complete mission ‘Nothing Left to Say’. 1
Forges Afield Forge weapons from research frames and Black Armory frames 10
Prime Fashion Win a Gambit Prime match while wearing a full set of Notorious armor 1
Bedazzled Fully upgrade the Chalice of Opulence 1
Exotic Arsenal Claim Bad Juju, Outbreak Perfected, and Whisper of the Worm from their respective Exotic missions. 3
The Vault Amass gear in your Collections. 1000
Gun for Hire Complete bounties throughout the system. 50
Challenger Complete weekly challenges throughout the system. 10
For the Vanguard Complete strikes in any strike playlist. 25
Vanguard Pinnacle Weapons Earn a Vanguard pinnacle weapon from any Season. 1
Legendary Valor Achieve a Valor rank of ‘Legend’ in any season. 1
Crucible Pinnacle Arsenal Earn a Crucible pinnacle weapon from any season. 1
Mythic Reach the Mythic division in Gambit 1
Gambit Pinnacle Arsenal Earn a Gambit pinnacle weapon from any season. 1
Never Again Complete the dungeon ‘The Shattered Throne’. 1
O Murderer Mine Complete the ‘Last Wish‘ raid. 1
Valiant Savior Complete the ‘Scourge of the Past‘ raid. 1
In the Shadow of the Kingdom of Sorrow Complete the ‘Crown of Sorrow’ raid. 1

It’s worth noting all Destiny 2 players can participate, certain challenges are locked beyond owning Forsaken (including earning the T-shirt reward) and the Annual Pass (for any DLC content, including Black Armory and the Chalice of Opulence).

Note the bounty and weekly challenge Triumphs above have to be completed fresh for this challenge – they do not count previous completions. Other completions – from Raids to pinnacle weapons – do count already, however, so you have done them, simply collect the Triumph.

Remember, you only have until August 27th to complete these challenges.

The annual Moments of Triumph have arrived, alongside the return of Bad Juju.

We’ve seen several other Exotics added to the game recently too – including Lumina and Truth.

The start of this season saw the introduction of The Invitation quest steps, Imperials and a higher Destiny2 power level cap.

As always, Forsaken activities are still worth checking out – including the Ascendant Challenge this week and Blind Well and Oracle Engine Offering activities.

Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2019 rewards

Instead of a points system as with last year, each of the above challenges are weighted equally, giving you a little more freedom to choose which ones you like to get the desired reward.

Not a fan of Raids? Then focus collection-based Triumphs and the upcoming Solstice of Heroes event. That said, there is a significant focus on co-operative and competitive tasks – from hard-to-get Exotic quests to Gambit, Crucible and Strike playlist completions.

The Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph rewards are as follows:

  • Any Triumph completed – Tracking emblem showing points collected so far
  • 5 Triumphs – Sparrow (Lightning Rider)
  • 10 Triumphs – Jumpship (Solstice Hymnal)
  • 15 Triumphs – 2019 Moments of Triumph T-shirt
  • All 24 Triumphs – MMXIX seal (which appears under your player name when exploring the world)

That’s right – in order to earn the seal, you have to complete every challenge available.

These are no small feats, and you only have until August 27th to get what you need. Best of luck!

What was Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2018 like?

Curious as to what 2018’s Moments of Triumph challenges were like? Here they are:

Activity Completion method Points
Bringer of Light Finish Destiny 2’s Base Campaign 10
Follower of Osiris Finish Curse of Osiris Campaign 10
Awaken the Warmind Finish Warmind Campaign 10
The Hero We Deserve Complete 25 Public Events on Heroic Difficulty (from when event began) 10
Treasure Hunter Collect All Region Chests (68 total) 10
Running Errands Complete 25 Bounties 10
Check Out My Arsenal Obtain 25 Exotic Weapons or Armor 15
I Will Smash You Defeat 100 Opponents in the Crucible 15
Fleeting Memories Collect all 45 Latent Memories 15
Adventurous Complete 20 Adventures 20
Show Me the Way Obtain Sagira’s Ghost Shell (by completing all Lost Prophecy Verses) 20
Hive Extermination Complete Tier 7 in Escalation Protocol 20
In My Element Collect 250 Elemental Orbs 25
Remember Who You Are Redux Missions Completed (5 total) 30
The Very Best Reach Vanguard Rank 50 in Season 3 20
The Fabled Guardian Reach Fabled in Valor ranking in Season 3 20
The Emperor Defeat Calus in the Leviathan Raid 20
Prove Your Worth Complete Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars Raid Lairs 20
Fashion Hero Upgrade the full Solstice of Heroes Armor Set to Legendary Quality 50
Above and Beyond Masterwork Any Solstice of Heroes Armor 50

The Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2018 rewards were as follows:

  • Any Triumph completed – Tracking emblem showing points collected so far
  • 125 points – Legendary Ghost Shell (Right Choice)
  • 250 points – Moments of Triumph T-shirt offer available from the Bungie store
  • 300 points – Legendary Sparrow (Comrades in Arms)
  • 400 points – Emblem upgrade (Eternally Triumphant)

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