Devolver Digital Announces Genital Jousting Live-Action Netflix Movie Has Lost Another Director

Devolver Digital has announced that the live-action Netflix film based on Free Lives’ Genital Jousting has lost another director.

It appears as if it’s not just the Uncharted movie that’s suffering a continual loss of directors. As revealed by publisher Devolver Digital the live-action film based on Free Lives’ Genital Jousting video game has lost another director.

The Uncharted movie has suffered the loss of numerous directors since the movie was announced. Travis Knight is the latest to leave the production of the film that’s due to have Tom Holland as the star. As reported yesterday, filming is to start soon despite no director being confirmed.

The bad luck is following Genital Jousting’s live-action movie that, according to Devolver Digital, is to be a Netflix film. No details of the film have been revealed as of yet, but if I had to guess, I would imagine it would take inspiration from Tom Hooper’s Cats (2019). What I mean by that is, I imagine the cast wearing half phallic costumes which would then later be painted over with CGI technology to really sell the authenticity of the characters.

Devolver Digital has also not publicly named the director that has left the production of the Genital Jousting movie but we have reached out for comment to find out exactly who it was and what the plans are going forward.

Genital Jousting released back in 2018 and finds players taking control of a penis that has freedom in a world with other penises of different genders and personalities. The game’s dirty humor and detailed story mode saw the game become popular and has a multiplayer mode so friends can play with one another. The game has a positive rating on Steam and has also received a ‘Date Night’ update since launching.

And yes, this entire post is satire and probably a waste of your time. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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