Digimon Survive Producer Kazumasa Habu: We’re Reviewing The Development Process and Schedule

Bandai Namco will probably announce Digimon Survive is getting delayed to 2021 soon, seeing we haven’t heard anything lately despite a “2020” release.

Digimon Survive, coming to PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, will get some news soon regarding its release. And it’s likely going to be a delay from the currently planned 2020 release to 2021. On September 8, over on Twitter, a Korean Digimon fan asked Digimon Survive Producer Kazumasa Habu about the game, and how we haven’t got any news in a while. Here is the answer from Kazumasa Habu translated below:

Kazumasa Habu: “I apologize for the long wait. The Digimon Survive team is currently reviewing its development system and schedule. We’ll report about our situation in the near future. Please wait a little bit longer.”

Judging from this message, the next time Bandai Namco officially announces something for Digimon Survive, it definitely won’t be a release date but rather a delay. I wonder why now, of all times, the development team is changing the way it’s working on the game though. It’s as if there’s a pandemic ravaging through the world, changing everyone’s lives, and forcing companies, game studios included, to completely change their schedules and work from home. Maybe I’m wrong though.

Digimon Survive was first announced in 2018 and was supposed to release in 2019. However the game has been delayed since. Digimon Survive uses Tactical RPG mechanics, and a focus on survival, with choices that can result in characters’ deaths.

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