Director of The Division 2 Wants to Know if Fans Would Like a Single-Player, Narrative Focused Game

Would you like to see The Division take a crack at a shorter more story-driven experience? I know I would.

The Division is a series not entirely known for its narrative. While the setting and atmosphere of a desolated New York City and Washington D.C. were great, Ubisoft never really dived deep into the story elements and decided to focus more on the gameplay, which I can respect. However, Julian Gerighty responded to a tweet from one of his peers looking for some fan thoughts on the possibility of a more single-player focused game in the Division universe.

Tim Spencer, a level director at TT Games, tweeted out about the idea of a more single-player narrative-driven spin-off Division game. This said game would focus on an agent trying to return home to their family after being sent to NYC. He tagged both the game as well as Julian Gerighty, creative director of The Division.

Gerighty retweeted this as well as responding with “thoughts?” presumably looking for fans perspective of the possible spin-off. He even joked in a follow-up tweet that the idea is something people seem to not be violently against.

As many would assume, fans of the series have been pretty positive on the idea of a narrative-driven game. Myself included. I played both of the first two games and ultimately would fall out because there wasn’t anything that would really grab my attention. I know others play the games for the rewarding repetitive gameplay and always grabbing more and more loot. But, that is not my style. Now the idea of a story-driven game would be right up my alley.

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