Disc Room is a Frantic Hellscape That I Can’t Get Enough Of

From the start, Disc Room clenched its claws into me where I wanted to do nothing but give it my undivided attention.

Out of all the new titles I played throughout my time at PAX East, Disc Room was far and away my favorite. From the creators of Minit, players have to survive as long as they can in a room that is filled with *wait for it*…discs. After the discovery of a strange disc planet, a lone explorer travels to the planet to uncover its mysteries.

In each room, you are tasked with different objectives which even includes dying. Yes, dying in Disc Room is not only welcome but at times encouraged when you actually get rewarded for causing your own demise. Depending on the room you are in, this determines the objectives that must be completed as well as which doors need to be unlocked to progress through each level.

In some parts of Disc Room’s gameplay, you can try to survive in each room by maneuvering around various types of discs to live as long as you can. In each level, you can also try and obtain a high score against your friends online or the entire world. There would even be times where I finished everything I needed to do in a room but stuck around to try and beat my own score time and time again.

As you proceed farther, you will be equipped with special abilities giving you an even bigger edge at survival. All of you have to do to get them is (you guessed it), die. Certain discs have powers that the player can gain after being killed by them. For example, I was killed by a disc that would stop and dash across the screen. Once dead, I came back from the grave with that ability under my own disposal allowing me to dodge discs with more ease than before.

Disc Room is a Frantic Hellscape That I Can't Get Enough Of

Quickly after playing through the demo, Disc Room became wonderfully addicting in a way that I haven’t experienced from a video game in a very long time. I love playing games that are challenging and that gives me the chance to better myself over and over until I hit the top of the leaderboard. From what I was told by the developers, it won’t take too long to complete Disc Room, but players will still have the ability to go through and try to reach the high score in each room. At least, I know I will.

Disc Room ended up as my PAX East Game of Show because it is straightforward and effective. It is an attractive title for most players and while I love having artistic experiences in games, I believe that most gamers are looking for engaging and adrenaline-filled gameplay. Disc Room’s simplicity is what makes it shine so brightly, and adds itself to a diverse lineup under the Devolver Digital banner.

Disc Room will release on PC later this year.

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