Dodo Peak is a cute, accessible arcade platformer for Apple Arcade

Dodo Peak is a cute and accessible arcade platformer which tasks you – a dodo – with navigating some tricky islands to save your babies from certain doom. It comes to us from developer Moving Pieces Interactive, and it’s available right now on Apple Arcade.

The core gameplay is initially straightforward, though you’ll eventually uncover hidden layers of strategy and depth to its systems. The level of challenge is also amplified when striking out to explore each stage more thoroughly. In many ways, it reminds me a little bit of the old Q*Bert games.

And while it’s a fairly nostalgic experience, I feel it strikes the right balance between retro gameplay and modern design sensibilities, giving players the best of both worlds. This also means it’s a more accessible experience, easily enjoyable regardless of your age or skill level.

A recent behind-the-scenes video posted on the game’s official Twitter account confirms that we can expect to see several significant updates in the near future. More info regarding the team’s post-launch plans is coming ‘very soon’.

The team behind this consists of Melody Jams developer James Bartley, VFX veteran Patrick McAvena, and programmer/comedy writer Kyle Erf (Funny or Die, Hard Drive). The catchy tunes you’ll enjoy while playing come courtesy of Nathan W. Mckee, and the colourful world of Dodo Peak has been crafted with the help of illustrator/art director Maxime Bourgeois.

You’ll find Dodo Peak available for download now over on the App Store. With it being an Apple Arcade exclusive, it can’t be purchased outright. Basically, all this means is that you’re going to have to sign up for the 1-month free trial if you want to take Dodo Peak for a spin. For all things Apple Arcade, be sure to check out the latest stories right here.

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