Donut County and Gorogoa are Getting Physical Releases on Nintendo Switch

Relax or challenge yourself with these upcoming physical indie titles.

This Thursday, iam8bit will begin taking pre-orders for a physical version of Donut County on Nintendo Switch. The physical edition will be available exclusively on their site. Up to now, iam8bit has also been the rightful seller for the PS4 version of the game. Donut County was one of the most talked-about indie games last year.  In our review, we said that Donut County is a reminder that games don’t need to be complex to be a satisfying experience.

Pre-orders begin Thursday, August 15 at 10 am PST. There are only 5,000 copies available so be sure to jump on it straight away in case it sells out. Each copy of the game comes with a Trashopedia Sticker Collection which happens to be scratch and sniff. The box art for the Nintendo Switch version is almost identical to the PS4. However, the Switch version has BK, the raccoon from Donut County, playing on a Switch. The addition is a little on the nose, but who can’t help and appreciate it.

If you are not enticed on purchasing the game, iam8bit also sells the vinyl soundtrack if that’s more your style. The site has numerous different vinyl video game soundtracks such as HitmanPersona 5and Florence.

On the same day, iam8bit will also take pre-orders for a physical Switch version of the hit puzzle game Gorogoa. Just like Donut County, it is limited to only 5,000 copies and it comes with a “Traditions of the Scattered Path” booklet that includes original art.

Both Donut County and Gorogoa will sell for $34.99 each, but as of now, there is no shipping date for either game.

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