DOOM Eternal Breaks Franchise Sales Record for Opening Week

DOOM Eternal has gotten off to an extremely fast start in terms of sales, meaning that more DOOM titles seem to be likely to come about in the future.

Despite having not even been out for a week, it seems as though DOOM Eternal has already proven to be a smash-hit for Bethesda Softworks and the team at id Software.

In a new press release sent out by Bethesda this morning, it was revealed that DOOM Eternal set a new franchise record when it comes to sales for a DOOM title in its opening week. While the specific number of copies that have been sold of the game were not unveiled, Bethesda did say that DOOM Eternal made twice as much revenue in its launch window compared to that of 2016’s DOOM, which is pretty staggering. Additionally, it was pointed out by the publisher that Eternal surpassed 100,000 concurrent players on PC at one point last week as seen via Steam.

“We want to thank our millions of fans for their enthusiastic support of this amazing title,” said Bethesda Softworks’ SVP of Global Sales, Ron Seger, of the game’s opening week. “Despite thousands of retail stores closing, we are pleased so many fans have been able to enjoy DOOM Eternal.”

All in all, both Bethesda and id Software have to be extremely pleased with how DOOM Eternal has done so far. As one of the biggest games to release in the first quarter of 2020, it seemed like Eternal was poised to have a strong launch and it didn’t disappoint whatsoever.

As for what this means moving into the future, well, it seems like we’re all the more likely to see even more DOOM games arrive down the road. Obviously, if another proper follow-up to DOOM Eternal were to release, it would end up coming about years from now. Considering how successful this IP has become for Bethesda though, you’d have to imagine that more entries in the series will be greenlit sooner rather than later.

DOOM Eternal is available now on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Stadia. If you aren’t considering playing it at this point, I would ask you to strongly reconsider that stance because this is a really dang good video game.

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