DOOM Eternal Guide — How to Unlock Classic Doomguy Skin

Want to know how to get that classic Doomguy skin from the original game? Here is a Doom Eternal guide that shows you how.

It is time to rip and tear! Doom Eternal is now in our grasp, bringing the Doomslayer’s newest adventure to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It was recently revealed you can “customize” the protagonist with different character skins and weapon skins. In that trailer, there was one specific skin that may have caught your eye if you’ve been a fan since the original Doom. Yes, I’m talking about the classic Doomguy skin.

This guide will show you how to unlock the classic Doomguy skin, and use it during the game’s extensive campaign.

What is the classic Doomguy skin?

Back in 1993, Doom released on PC, revolutionizing the first-person shooter genre. The cover features Doomguy fighting off a bunch of demons in epic fashion. It is an iconic cover that will instantly look familiar even if you’re vaguely into video games. Here is a picture:

Seen in the trailer above, you can see how this suit was recreated in Doom Eternal. It definitely replicates the look of the pictured that martian marine suit authentically.

Where to find the skin

After the third mission, you will head to the “Fortress of Doom,” the Doom Slayer’s base of operations. The area is introduced after the second mission, but there are locked doors blocking your path. All the doors unlock the second time you are sent there.

This area is a hub for you to check out your collectibles and unlockables, as well as a place to train and try your new weapons. Throughout the Fortress of Doom are upgrades and skins you can unlock, including the classic Doomguy skin.

To find the Doomguy skin, head over to the main area where you summon the portal. If you are looking where the portal is typically summoned, turn a complete 180-degrees and just go straight. If you’ve gone up or down any stairs, or gone through a doorway to your left or right, you have gone in the wrong direction. Just go straight from through each doorway in front of you and the classic Doomguy skin will be locked behind a containment cell.

How to unlock Doom Eternal’s classic Doomguy skin

Doom Eternal guide

Unlocking the classic Doomguy skin is pretty simple. As you play the game, you will earn “sentinel batteries.” The sole purpose of this “currency” is to unlock the containment cells on your ship. This includes shards and weapon mods to improve your Doom Slayer. It also includes the few skins held on your ship.

Each door costs a total of two sentinel batteries to unlock. You will surely receive two batteries throughout your adventure without even trying. You can earn more batteries by completing all three level challenges in any mission or by finding them scattered throughout various environments. Once you have two batteries, head to the door, insert the two batteries in the designated ports, and the classic Doomguy skin is now available to use.

How to become the classic Doomguy

Once you’ve unlocked the skin, you will receive a prompt that says you can equip the skin from the main menu. You do have to quit out of your game if you want to equip the classic Doomguy skin.

From the main menu, there is a “Customize” option. Upon selecting Customize, you will be brought to a menu listing the Slayer, as well as his foes. Each of these characters has its own customizable options. Select the Slayer, and you will be able to switch the skin from there. Pretty simple.

Now you are ready to rip and tear as the most fearsome fighter in the known universe, the Doomguy.

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