DOOM Eternal’s New Trailer Show Off Battlemode Multiplayer Gameplay

Get a look at how Battlemode will work within DOOM Eternal.

Hot off the heels of QuakeCon 2019 last month, Bethesda and id Software have now released a new gameplay trailer dedicated to DOOM Eternal’s multiplayer offering, Battlemode.

This new video serves as an overview of the mode in case you weren’t familiar with it already. This 2v1 game mode allows two players to utilize demons from DOOM Eternal while the other player takes control of the iconic DOOM Slayer. This new video doesn’t just show off more gameplay of Battlemode, but it also goes further in-depth with each of the demons that you’ll be able to utilize. Each demon excels in some areas but might be weaker in others, leading both of the players controlling the demons to have to work together in tandem to defeat the opposing player.

I continue to think that Battlemode actually looks pretty darn fun based on what we’ve seen so far. While I don’t know if it’s a game mode that will capture my attention for a prolonged period of time, at the very least, it looks like it could be quite enjoyable with a small group of friends. At the very least, I’m just happy that id Software is trying something different with multiplayer and isn’t just tacking on another arena deathmatch type of mode.

If you want to get a more extensive look at Battlemode, you can check out the video down below. DOOM Eternal will release later this year on November 22 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and Stadia.

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