Dr. Mario World is out right now for iOS

Despite Dr. Mario World being planned for a July 10th launch, the game is now available for download a day early over on the App Store. It’s a matching game, kinda like Candy Crush, where you’ll combine colours for points and compete in a variety of competitive modes.

As a newly qualified doctor, it’s Mario’s job to get rid of viruses by matching different coloured capsules on a board. Don’t bother asking why Mario is a doctor all of a sudden, he just is, ok? The challenge comes from only having a set number of capsules per level, so you’ll have to think carefully about the best way to clear away the viruses.

Each capsule takes up two spaces on the board, and you can rotate and move the capsule to target whichever colour you want to match. If you’re still in the dark after all my waffling on, just watch the gameplay video above.

In true match-3 style, once you get three of a kind all sitting snugly together, your targeted obstacles will disappear from the board. The game has some neat multiplayer features, like the ability to send and receive stamina-buffing hearts to/from other players. And, of course, there’s also versus mode which allows you to take on rival players in intense virus-crushing battle.

And Dr. Mario won’t be alone on this quest, as he’s joined by his assistants, Buzzy Beetle, Koopa Troopa, and Goomba, as well as Dr. Bowser and Dr. Peach. Advanced players will even be able to work with the other doctors to score unique point-boosting combos.

Here’s a handy link to the game’s App Store page, and you should expect to see Dr. Mario World launch on Google Play either later today or tomorrow. It’s free to play, and Nintendo has a decent track record with its mobile games, so I reckon it’s worth a wee go.

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