Dragalia Lost is Now Nintendo’s Second Most Successful Mobile Game

After surpassing $100 million revenue, Dragalia Lost is Nintendo’s second most successful mobile game after Fire Emblem Heroes.

Dragalia Lost, which launched back in September 2018 and to this day only available in 11 markets, has just surpassed $100 million in total player spending. This revenue has been generated from a three million download playerbase:

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According to the data, this means that Dragalia Lost has grossed $1 million more than Nintendo’s mobile title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which is currently at $99 million spent by players since its launch in November 2017. However, it still trails behind Fire Emblem Heroes by nearly $500 million.

Dragalia Lost has an average of about $33 per download, compared to $38 for Fire Emblem Heroes. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has revenue per download of $3.30 in comparison. In terms of market breakdown, Dragalia Lost has generated its highest revenue from Japan, where players have spent more than $58 million in the title to date. The United States is the second largest market at 21 percent of spending or $21 million. Hong Kong leads the way in terms of revenue per download at $63, compared to Japan’s $47 and $17 in the U.S.

What makes this so fascinating is that at launch the title held the record for the lowest Nintendo mobile game debut with $3 million revenue in its first five days. One reason for the lackluster debut is that it’s a brand new IP within a niche genre, so it doesn’t have as broad of an appeal as titles like Super Mario Bros. or Fire Emblem.

The game was initially revealed during a Nintendo Direct last year. Since then, it has garnered plenty of art and screenshots showcasing the characters, monsters, plot, and the cards used during battle.

The story tells about a world inhabited by both dragons and humans, at one point in harmony. A sacred shard is able to protect the world against monsters… however, it is fading in power. That is where you as the protagonist steps in. Taking the role as an Alberian Prince (which happens to have his fair share of dragon blood flowing through his veins) you are tasked to save the world. Even better, you team up with one of the ancient dragons to liberate the world.

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