Dragalia Lost's Halloween event returns on October 18th

Dragalia Lost’s popular Halloween event is set to return this Friday, October 18th. It’ll introduce adjusted rewards and a hard-as-nails Nightmare difficulty, as well as a bump up for the game’s current Facility levels. The full update notes were originally posted by Perfectly Nintendo.

A fresh set of Endeavours which revolve around the new Event will also go live on October 18th. There’ll be two variants: Limited and Daily. Likewise, the game’s latest Summon Showcase will also be available from October 18th.

In terms of Events, you can take part in the Light-attuned adventurer-upgrade event until October 31st, the Jupiter’s Trial double drops event until October 31st, and the Double stamina recovery speed event until November 2nd.

Clearly there’s a lot of neat stuff to look forward to, but then there’s also today’s latest content drop. New quests have been added to The Mercurial Gauntlet, including Lv.51 to Lv.55 for the Water, Wind, and Shadow quests. A fresh set of Endeavours for The Mercurial Gauntlet is also now available.

And a little PSA: Don’t forget that those who took part in the “Challenge Quests with Alliance Members to Earn Wyrmite” event can claim x300 wyrmite as a special log-in bonus until October 22nd.

The developers are aware of an issue impacting The Mercurial Gauntlet’s Flame quest, as well as a different issue which impacts the display of High Dragon Trials Expert Rankings. Here’s a workaround for the first issue and some more details about the second.

If you’re yet to begin your grand adventure into the world of Dragalia Lost, you’ll find the game available for download now over on the App Store and Google Play.

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