Dragon Quest 1, 2, and 3 are Heading to Switch in the West Later this Month

Revisit the legendary JRPG series Dragon Quest from the beginning later this month on Switch.

After announcing plans to release the first three installments in the Dragon Quest series in Japan just last week, Square Enix has today revealed that those in the West will be getting the same treatment.

Yes, the original three entries in the Dragon Quest series, which launched in the mid to late 80s, will be heading to both North America and Europe later this month on September 27. All three titles will only be coming to the Switch platform, so those who were hoping to play elsewhere are left out in the cold for the moment.

This move isn’t all that surprising considering the amount of love the Dragon Quest series has seen on Nintendo’s platform lately. Not only is Dragon Quest XI S set to hit the Switch later this month on the same date of September 27, but one of the latest additions to the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been that of Hero from the DQ series. After we heard that this original trilogy would be releasing in Japan, it seemed likely to head here for those of us in the West at some point as well.

All three games will be available individually on Switch with the first game costing $5.99, the second $6.49, and the third game $12.49. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have some impressions on these versions of each game up on the site in the coming weeks.

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